Apprenticeship & Advanced Training

Permanent Cosmetic Apprenticeship & Advanced Training

A NuReflection offers Apprenticeship Programs and Advanced Technique Training.

New Jersey state requires an apprenticeship program following your PMU fundamental course in order to practice Permanent Cosmetics in New Jersey.  

Their are two organizations currently recognized in NJ for fundamental training: The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) and The American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM).  Once you have completed your Fundamental Course you may continue your  education through an Apprenticeship Program with an AAM Board Certified Technician of your choosing!


Training Classes Available : Intro to Color Theory,  Advanced Color Theory,  Advanced Machine Techniques,  All about Needles,  To Correct or Not to Correct.

* Please note these are advanced and continuing education classes for Industry Professionals. You MUST first have completed a Fundamental Training. Referrals are privately available for those looking for Fundamental Courses

Microblading is an advance technique and can only be performed by a Technician who has FIRST completed a Fundamental course and Apprenticeship Program. 


If you are interested in our apprenticeship program or Training Classes please fill out the form below.